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Filtering Drinking Water vs. Working Water


Enjoying filtered water from your faucet – no drilling required – with just the touch of a button isn’t something most reverse osmosis users are familiar with. But that’s about to change. Culligan’s ClearLink PRO™ is a first-to-market wireless control system allowing you to enjoy filtered water straight from your main faucet – without drilling a hole or losing a soap dispenser.

The system uses wireless technology to switch from unfiltered to filtered water by pressing a button. When you’re done using the filtered water, turn off the faucet and the system will automatically return to unfiltered water, ensuring no filtered water is wasted.

Sure, filtered water from the tap means great-tasting drinking water and fresh water for cleaning vegetables and cooking pasta, but you may want to think twice before tapping that filtration button.

Why would I not want to use filtered water?

Like many water filtration systems, ClearLink PRO™ relies on filters to deliver that crystal-clear drinking water. So the more you use it, the more you’re putting the membranes, batteries, and filters to work – and the faster you’ll need to replace those filters.

So why would you not want to use filtered water? Mainly to prolong the life of your filters.

When you’re watering potted plants, washing your hands, or doing dishes, you don’t need to waste filtered water. Save the pure, filtered water for drinking.

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