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Alberta Water Quality Facts and Drinking Water Problems

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Canada’s fourth–largest province, Alberta holds approximately 2.2% of the country’s fresh–water supply contained in numerous lakes, reservoirs, rivers, aquifers, and other buried channels across the province. The majority of Albertans’ daily water needs are provided for from surface water sources (lakes, rivers, and wetlands), though depending on the area, some residents may drink and use water sourced from both surface and ground–water reserves.

Like neighbouring Saskatchewan, many of Alberta’s water sources are located in the northern reaches of the province, somewhat removed from major population centers. This can create a number of complications as water is distributed to your tap from remote sources. From dry, itchy skin to mineral and white scale build–up, many Albertans find their tap water can cause headaches at home. Tending toward the hard end of the water spectrum, water throughout the area can also be of poor quality that may impact taste and odour.

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Common water issues in Calgary, and how to fix them

River water from the Bow and Elbow rivers is the primary source of water for the city of Calgary. As with many other cities and provinces in Canada, Calgary enjoys access to a relatively large volume of clean, fresh drinking water thanks to its proximity to rivers and reservoirs. Not without its issues, however, residents of Calgary often note a handful of problems with their tap water.

Hard, Poor-Quality Water

It’s no secret hard water can be a headache, and Calgarians generally notice at least some of the effects. Limescale buildup’s signature white residue is all too common in Calgary homes, meaning showerheads and fixtures can become easily clogged and run slower, while appliances work harder, using water that’s carrying more than the average volume of minerals and dissolved solids. Other issues might include:

  • Stiff, scratchy laundry
  • Early appliance burnout
  • Higher utility bills
  • Tough-to-clean sinks, toilets, and tubs

Itchy, Dry Skin

Mineral-rich water can also dry skin out more quickly, especially during the cold winter months. Residents of Calgary might notice this manifesting in:

  • Dryer, more brittle hair that’s harder to manage
  • Increase in chapped, chafed skin
  • Aggravation of existing sensitivities, like eczema and other skin allergies

Rotten-Egg and Sulphur Odours

Rotten-egg sulphur smells are a common complaint among residents of Calgary, since water can have a noticeable odour in the Calgary area. Dissolved hydrogen sulphide is cheifly responsible for this unpleasant effect at the tap. A whole-house reverse osmosis system can effectively remove the bacteria causing the odours.

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