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The single best way to know what’s in your water is to be your own best resource. We want to help you do just that by providing tools and information to help you make smart choices about your water. There are a lot of things you can do to find out if you have problem water, the causes behind it, and what options you have for addressing it.

Diagnose Problem Water

The signs that point to problems in your water are often the most obvious, but key factors to be aware of are:

  • Appearance: Water is cloudy or discolored. Common in many states and municipalities, you can explore water problems by state to see if the water where you live is predisposed to run less than clear.
  • Odor: Water has a sulfurous, chlorinated, or other suspicious smell. Almost every water treatment plant in the country uses some amount of chlorine to treat water, so you can use our state-by-state guide to get a handle on whether your region has particularly low or high levels in the water supply.
  • Taste: Water can take on a variety of tastes for a number of reasons, the most common across the country being bitter or salty. Like the range of water itself, total dissolved solids and minerals responsible for unwelcome tastes depend largely on the geography and landscape of your particular area.
  • Side Effects: Often, the signal pointing to a water problem can be what’s left behind: film, soap scum, limescale, and/or corrosion on pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Read more about the problem water in your city.


Do you need to address a water problem? This can be a matter of personal preference, especially if symptoms are severe or are causing real aggravation in the home. Consider these factors to help determine whether it may be time to call in a Culligan Man:

  • Are symptoms getting worse?
  • What is typical for water in my region? Learn more.
  • Are common household fixes able to mitigate any effects? Learn more about easy ways to solve for problem water.


If water problems are getting worse, or you’ve determined your home’s water is atypical for the area and it’s beyond simple fixes like cleaning with vinegar, you can always call your local Culligan Man for a complimentary water test. He or she will be able to help you determine if a whole-house water filter or a water conditioner is right to fix appearance, taste, and odor issues in your water.

Even if water is typical for your area, or some solutions are helping, water problems can be a headache you don’t have to deal with. Your Culligan Man is the perfect resource to help you determine what kind of solution is right for your water.

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