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Additional Benefits of a Salt Delivery Service

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Additional Benefits of a Salt Delivery Service


Culligan’s salt delivery service means you get to enjoy automatic salt deliveries for your water softening system, without the heavy lifting. It’s salt delivery that takes care of itself.

Maintenance Check

With our Privilege Program, you’ll get service checks every single time salt gets delivered. Your Culligan Expert will check your system’s timer settings, make sure there are no leaks, inspect the bypass mechanism, verify the water level in the salt tank, and more.

It’s Automatic

Don’t worry about running out of salt and frantically dialing to get an appointment. Our convenient salt delivery service is automatic, so there’s no need to call to schedule an appointment. Some of our systems, like the Culligan HE system, can alert your Culligan Expert automatically when salt is needed.

No Heavy Lifting

No need to huff and puff at the thought of laboring over heavy salt bags, carrying them to your car, into your house, or down to the basement. We’ll handle the heavy lifting – your Culligan Expert will fill the salt tank and even recycle the salt bags when he’s done.

Your Culligan Expert can recommend a salt delivery schedule that will work best for you and your water softening system. Contact your local Culligan Expert to schedule your first delivery.

Because Culligan Dealers are independently operated, programs and participation may vary.

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