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Winter Hydration Tips To Keep You Healthy


Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean properly hydrating yourself shouldn’t be a priority. Winter may play tricks on you, making you think you don’t need to drink as much water since you’re not drenched in sweat from being outside in the scorching sun. But this is simply not the case. It is just as important to drink an adequate amount of water during the colder season as it is in the summertime. From avoiding dry skin and overall dehydration to maintaining a strong immune system, there are many reasons why you should avoid winter dehydration. Here are some tips that’ll keep your hydration at optimal levels this cold season.

Sip Tea

A large glass of ice-cold water may not be appealing during a frigid cold day, which makes it tough to keep up with the recommended eight glasses a day. But water, with its many versatile properties, doesn’t have be consumed in only one form. Try sipping tea throughout the day as this can help keep you warm. And many teas, like lemon ginger tea, can even add various antioxidants to your diet to help you fight any colds and boost your immunity in the midst of flu season.

Drink Soup

Dehydration comes in many forms. If you’ve been getting tired or sleepy, it may actually be a sign of dehydration. Another way to warm up and stay hydrated during the winter is to drink soup. Opt for a homemade soup to avoid high-sodium intake. Not only is soup a great way to up your water intake, it also doubles as a meal that can fill you up while providing nutritional value.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can indirectly hydrate you as these foods are made up of approximately 90% water. By eating plenty of greens and Mother Nature’s candy, you can get your vitamins, antioxidants and energy boost, as well as the water you need to stay hydrated in the winter.

Protect Your Skin

It may not seem like the sun is as strong in the winter, but it still has its UV rays and dehydrating effects. As many avid skiers and snowboarders know, you can still get sunburnt in snowy weather. Sunburn leads to dehydration, which is why it’s extra important to protect your skin in the wintertime. Keep your skin hydrated and the moisture in by applying sunscreen and moisturizing lip balm.

Dry winter skin is also another indication of poor hydration. You can additionally avoid drying out your skin by taking shorter showers with lukewarm water. Think of your skin as your number one barrier of protection. When it’s cold out, it’s important to keep it strong and hydrated in order to act as protection.

Whether you’re sipping on tea, eating a bowl of soup, washing those hydrating fruits and veggies or taking a shower, the quality of water used matters. Call on Culligan to check on your current water filtration system. We’ll be able to get the quality of your drinking water up to top standards and help filter out hard minerals that could negatively impact your body. Say no to dehydration this season with these winter hydration tips using only the best water available.

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