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Why You Should Treat More Than Just Your Drinking Water


When you think of home water solutions, what comes to mind? If you automatically think of filtering drinking water, that is definitely a major aspect to implementing a home water system; but water filtration is a whole lot more than just that. There are several types of water solutions available and each one can treat different issues that affect not only your drinking water, but also the water you use to bathe in, wash your dishes and do your laundry with. Check out the different water treatment solutions and the benefits that come with each.

Water Softening

One focus of a home water system circles around softening hard water that may be running through your pipes. Hard water refers to the amount of calcium and magnesium in water. A water softening system can be installed to control the proper levels of these mineral concentrations in your water and filter out excess amounts.

There are several reasons why you should avoid hard water in your home. Hard water can cause build-up in your pipes, causing them to eventually clog over time; but soft water can help you avoid this effect. Also, the water you use to wash dishes can leave residue if it’s too high in mineral concentration. A water softening system can help ensure you have spot-free glasses and sparkling dishes when you unload the dishwasher. After all, no one wants hard water stains on their dishes when they have company over for dinner.

Softening hard water can also help preserve the clothes you wash for a longer time, keeping them brighter and softer wash after wash. Hard water is also harsh on your skin and hair, but treated water will help protect your soft skin and healthy hair. Beyond improving the quality of your clothes, hair and skin, softening hard water can also help your wallet. Tapping into these soft water benefits can help save more energy, water and detergent, which makes washing more efficient in general.

Total Home Water Filtration

A total home water filtration system can include both drinking water filtration as well as water softening. While water softening systems specifically work to remove calcium and magnesium minerals, total home water filter systems are designed to additionally remove toxins, heavy metals, bio and industrial contaminants, along with foul tastes and odors. Combining various water filtration solutions can lead to better water quality overall in your home, whether it’s used for bubble baths, cooking, drinking or washing dishes.

How To Treat Your Water

Water treatment is an umbrella term that can cover a variety of filtration solutions. Now that you know the benefits of soft water and water filtration, you may want to consider a total home water system that does both. Contact Culligan today to evaluate your water quality and determine where you might need help in bringing your water filtration up to speed. Remember, it’s not just your drinking water that should be treated, you also want high-quality water when doing laundry, washing dishes, bathing or cooking. You use water every day at home, so be sure you’re providing your household and your people with good, clean water.

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