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Ever wonder what’s in your water? Even though water is clear, that doesn’t mean that it’s free of harmful minerals and contaminants. And, just because you can’t see many of these potential contaminants, that doesn’t mean that you’re not feeling their effects. Culligan’s Online Water Diagnosis tool can help you determine exactly what’s in your water and what to do about it.

Water Contaminants

Do you know what’s in the water running through your pipes? Some of the most common contaminants in home water systems include minerals like iron and sulfur, along with dissolved solids. While not all bacteria and minerals found in your water are harmful to your health, others can have adverse effects if not addressed and removed using water filtration.

Arsenic, for example, is odorless and tasteless making it one of the most dangerous contaminants. You may be ingesting it daily without even knowing—and it’s toxic!

Lead is also a common contaminant. Some studies find that extended exposure to lead through drinking and cooking with lead-contaminated water affects both our mental and physical health.

Online Water Diagnosis

Our free Online Water Diagnosis tool is a great first step toward learning if you have contaminated water. You can start the diagnostic process on your own, all before someone comes to your home. The online tool is easy and simple to navigate.

First, select the water issues you’re experiencing. These water problems might include touch, taste, smell or sight. For example, do you have dirty water? Dry, itchy skin? Bad smelling water? Bad tasting water? You can also click a contaminant you think might be in your water, like arsenic or lead, and find information from there.

Water Problem Solutions

Once you’ve made your selection, click the “Find a Solution” button. Our Water Diagnosis Tool will generate a list of smart solutions that cater directly to your water issues. We provide suggested services along with thorough explanations.

After you’ve reviewed our suggestions, contact your local Culligan Water Expert. Although contaminants may not be in your water, our quality water testing can confirm if there are any potential issues so that we can remove these impurities. The last thing you want in your home is contaminated drinking water.

* Contaminants may not be in your water

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