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What to Expect at Your Reverse Osmosis System Installation


Making the decision to have a reverse osmosis water filtration system installed is the first step toward having cleaner, safer- great-testing water right from the tap. When you get a Culligan reverse osmosis system, you’ll also enjoy convenient, professional installation from one of our trained technicians. But what does this process involve? How long does the installation take? Here’s what you can expect.

When your technician arrives, they will have all the necessary tools and equipment. They’ll also take steps to ensure your home is kept clean.

Your local water specialist will already have helped you determine where your system should go. This could be under the sink, in a kitchen cabinet, a utility room, or your basement, depending on your preference. Installation typically takes one to two hours, but timing can vary.

The space required depends on the system. Generally, you’ll need about two-by-two feet. Depending on the system you purchased, access to an electrical outlet may also be required.

On installation day, make sure the space you selected is cleared and clean. The water supplying the RO will need to be turned off as well. Other than that, there is nothing you need to do to prepare. If you have an older filtration system, we’ll remove it and dispose of it for you.

Here’s how installation works. First, the system is connected to your water line and a nearby drain. Typically, the RO storage tank will come freshly filled with filtered water so it’s ready to use as soon as the installation is complete. Next, the faucet is put in – usually, reverse osmosis systems require a separate one. The faucet can be installed in place of an existing sprayer or soap dispenser, or in a hole drilled at the time of installation. If a new hole is required, that may be done at the time of installation or ahead of time.

Culligan RO systems also offer the option to get filtered water directly from the kitchen faucet with our unique ClearLink PRO technology. This is a button that wirelessly connects with your system so you can switch from unfiltered to filtered water from your faucet with one tap. No drilling or second faucet is required.

If you’ve purchased a smart reverse osmosis system, your technician will guide you through the simple process of connecting the RO to the Culligan Connect app. You can use the app to track contaminants reduced, get reminders for filter changes, and more.

Before leaving, your technician will check all the connections and performance of your RO. They’ll also show you how to operate the system. You should notice great-tasting, crystal-clear water from your first glass.

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