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What Is Safe Drinking Water?


Do you really know what’s in your water? It may be treated at a treatment center to ensure safety, but that doesn’t mean the water you drink at home every day doesn’t contain some contaminants.

Before making it to your home, your water travels a great distance. Depending on the source of your water, it can pick up contaminants that lead to hard water problems, dissolved minerals, sediment, and more that can leave your water with a foul odor and poor taste, and create lime scale and soap scum around your faucets and appliances – and that’s just the beginning.

What’s in your water?

Culligan’s water testing lab can perform extensive analytical testing on your water to determine what’s lurking under the surface. Sure, if your water is discolored or smells like rotten eggs that’s an obvious sign something isn’t right. But what you can’t see could be arsenic, chlorine, magnesium, or other contaminants tainting your drinking water.

While most water contaminants aren’t necessarily harmful to your health, they’re not pleasant to drink.

No matter what the root of your problem water is, Culligan sets the standard for custom, at-home drinking water systems with innovative reverse osmosis technology and multi-level interchangeable filters, so you get a customized water treatment solution that will turn your problem water into fresh, clean drinking water.

Your local Culligan Man is an expert at diagnosing water problems unique to where you live. Because all water is different, your water will require a unique solution – contact your local Culligan Man to schedule an appointment today.

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