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Ways To Restock Your Emergency Kits


Unpredictable and harsh winter conditions can place you and your family at a higher risk of danger. From car failure and accidents to power outages at the house, you never know what obstacles might come along. But you can come prepared by making sure you have the proper emergency food, kits and other emergency essentials ready to go. Think of these emergency supplies like insurance. It’s not something you need every day or plan to use, but when push comes to shove, it’s there for you in an instant. Check out the following ways to restock your emergency kits this winter.

Make An Emergency Supplies List

Create a preparation check list of things to do if you’re expecting to encounter an emergency. This means checking the car for the emergency roadside essentials, the emergency water storage and emergency food storage as well as the medicine cabinet. A lot of the items you might have stored from the previous year may have expired or need to be replaced. Emergency foods do go bad and water that’s stored for an extended amount of time also needs to be swapped out. Make an emergency supplies list that considers the needs of your family and stock up on all the necessities that will prepare you for an emergency situation.

Prep A Disaster Kit

For the rare snow storms that wipe out electricity for the entire neighborhood, you should have a disaster kit ready to go. Get your flash light, matches, candles and batteries all in one kit. Also have an emergency storage supply of food and water. You can fill gallons of water from home if you know a storm is going to impact you so that you have enough clean and safe water for drinking, as well as bathing or rinsing dishes. Keep in mind that the supplies in the emergency disaster kit should last you at least three days since it might take a while for the power to kick back on again.

Winterize Your Vehicle

Winter travel can get dangerous on the road. With unplowed streets, icy road conditions, extreme cold temperature, snow fall and hail, your vehicle could find itself in a hazardous situation at any moment. Prep your vehicle with an emergency car kit in case you happen to get stuck. Be sure to include blankets, flares, flashlights, nonperishable food and drinking water. Also pack a spare tire and shovel in case you need to dig your way out of the snow.

Be Ready For The Winter Cold

Although getting sick in the winter might not be dubbed an emergency, you can help prevent it from becoming a trip to the emergency room with proper anticipation. Winter time is a good reminder to check the medicine cabinet and replace any expired medications that might be in there. Cold and fever medicines can be clutch during the flu season, so stocking up will come in handy when you’re too sick to make it to the store.

Ensure Your Emergency Drinking Water is Clean & Safe

It’s time to restock those emergency kits and prepare for winter. Good drinking water is an essential part of every emergency kit, and if you’re trying to store gallons upon gallons of water, ditch the hassle and call Culligan to discuss all of your drinking water filtration needs. This convenient option will give you and your loved ones an endless supply of filtered water right from your sink, meaning you won’t have to run out to the store to stock up on safe drinking water. Just fill up water jugs from the comfort of your own home. This winter, be ready to battle any emergency using these proactive tips that’ll keep you and your family safe.

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