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Top 5 Budget Benefits of Soft Water


Feeling the pinch of tax season? For many people, refund checks are getting slimmer. And, with gas prices soaring, summer travel plans may be put on hold as residents remain homebound. Finding new ways to save money has become an even greater priority – and those savings may be closer than you think.

One of the most obvious, yet overlooked, sources of cost savings is right in your own home. It’s a resource you rely on every day for bathing, washing and running your appliances: water. And, if you have untreated hard water1, the potential for savings is significant. In fact, nearly 90 percent of U.S. homes have hard water, according to the United States Geological Survey. 

When not properly treated with a water softening system, hard water is not only a nuisance – it’s a drain on your wallet. On the flipside, softened water can reveal hidden savings that bring measurable benefits to your budget. These include: 

Detergent savings – soft water can reduce detergent use by as much as 50 percent.2 That’s because homeowners do not need to use as much soap or cleaning aids to wash laundry, dishes, hair and body. You save on detergent purchases while getting even cleaner results. 

Lower energy bills – soft water can decrease energy costs by up to 24 percent.3 Consumers can now wash their clothes in 60-degree versus 100-degree water temperatures, decreasing the energy required to heat water for successful stain removal. 

Appliance longevity – using softened water helps to increase the lifespan of your water-using appliances, by preventing scale buildup that can damage equipment and lead to premature replacement. In fact, washing machines run with hard water can wear out up to 30 percent quicker.4 

Water heater efficiency – gas storage tank household water heaters that run on hard water have as much as a 48 percent loss of efficiency, whereas those operating on soft water can maintain their original efficiency rating over a 15-year lifetime.5 

Healthier plumbing – Hard water scale buildup not only attacks appliances, but clogs pipes, slows drains and constricts the rate of water flow from showerheads by up to 75 percent.6 Soft water keeps these “lines” open and prevents the need for costly plumbing repairs. 

Want to experience soft water savings? Your licensed Culligan water professional can conduct an in-home water analysis to see if you have hard water and offer recommendations. Visit us at to locate a dealer near you. 

[1]Contaminants are not necessarily in your water. 

2Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) study, “Evaluation of Relative Effects of Hardness, Detergent Dose and Temperature to Evaluate Stain Removal Efficacy and/or Use of Less Laundry Detergent at Lower Water Temperatures” 


4American Water Works Association 

5The Battelle Institute, 2009 (WQRF-funded testing) 

6Water Quality Association

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