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    The Truth About Water


    The Truth About Water


    Our Culligan dealers are the experts on water quality in your community, and when water issues occur, we want to help you be prepared by offering resources and solutions.

    To better help address your water safety concerns, and offer the most actionable tips, we wanted to start by understanding just how much or how little most people know about water. So we conducted “The Truth About Water” survey in an effort to help our dealers better communicate with the public in both a reactive and proactive water issue situation.

    Survey Results

    We found that 75 percent of participants believe water safety is a growing concern in North America, but 73 percent have never had their water tested for harmful impurities such as lead, E. coli, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide and iron.

    While 74 percent believe contaminations occur because of the municipalities infrastructure, 50% of those who receive their water from municipalities do not believe it is necessary for in-home tests in addition to testing provided by the municipality.

    For more survey results, view The Truth About Water infographic.

    Culligan Tips

    Culligan recommends knowing where water contamination can occur, becoming educated on possible water treatment solutions, taking notice of problem water signs, and having your water tested for impurities to ensure access to clean, safe water. For more information on water issues in your area, water safety, or water treatment solutions in general, contact your local Culligan expert.

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