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The Fail-Proof Way to Find Out What’s In Your Water – Culligan Water Testing

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The Fail-Proof Way to Find Out What’s In Your Water – Culligan Water Testing


Free water testing from Culligan can reveal a lot about what’s going on with your water. The stuff that comes out of our taps each and every day is maybe something we take for granted – how often do we stop to think about it, or maybe more importantly, what’s in it?

The answers may surprise you, as many people discover when they sign up for a free water test from their local Culligan Man.

What is Free Water Testing?

Culligan offers basic water testing that’s complimentary and usually as simple as scheduling a time for your Culligan Man to visit your home. Once there, he or she will take a sample from your tap and test it right in your kitchen. They’ll be ready to discuss the results with you and whether it makes sense to treat any common water problems that may be in your supply.

Our basic water test makes it easy to identify some of the more common problems homeowners experience with their water, and how to treat any problems that do come back from the test. The best part? It usually only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. You can also learn more about the water in your area to see what you might expect from the test.

What Results Does a Water Test Provide?

The basic, free version of our water test can identify water’s pH levels, and whether you have dissolved solids and minerals present in your water that may be making it look, taste, or smell off.

Your Culligan Man can also conduct a standard, EPA certified test to identify a greater variety of minerals like:

Calcium Magnesium Iron Copper Sodium Fluoride, and others.

There is an additional charge for this type of comprehensive water analysis, and you can check with your local Culligan Man for pricing to give you an even more complete picture of what’s in your water.

What is Laboratory Water Testing?

An expansion of Culligan’s testing offering, laboratory water testing at EPA certified Culligan labs is a more sophisticated method used to diagnose more nuanced water problems. In the event a preliminary water test comes back inconclusive, your Culligan Man may recommend further testing that requires sending off your water sample to the Culligan laboratories where we can use our advanced technology to further evaluate the quality of your water.

For more information about water testing, or to get started scheduling yours today, contact your local Culligan Man for details.

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