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Point of Entry Water Treatment vs. Point of Use Water Treatment Systems


When it comes to the type of water treatment system you choose for your home – point-of-entry or point-of-use – it’s not about one being better than the other, but it is about the unique water requirements for your home.

Cleaner Water for Your Whole House

A point-of-entry system is installed at the main water line, where the water first enters your home, to treat all the water you use in your entire home. The treated water can then flow from every tap and to every appliance in the whole house, which is why they’re often generically referred to as whole-house water filters.

Culligan’s whole-house water filtration systems are designed with different types of filters that target and remove a broad range of water contaminants including chlorine, total dissolved solids, iron, sulfur, and more.

Fresher Drinking Water Where You Need It

While a point-of-entry system is a whole-house water treatment solution, a point-of-use system treats only a portion of that water. Point-of-use systems filter water at the “point” where water is being used and is installed at a single water connection, typically under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom.

The most common type of point-of-use system is a reverse osmosis drinking water system. Culligan’s RO systems can be installed under the counter, and our ClearLink PRO™ accessory lets you access filtered water at the touch of a button, wirelessly – which means no drilling or extra countertop fixtures.

Point-of-entry and point-of-use water treatment systems can work together to create a complete solution for drinking water and whole-house needs. Whether you are considering one type of system or both, your local Culligan expert can help you determine the best solution to address the water needs of your home.

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