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Introducing Cullie, the First-Ever AI WaterBot


Culligan Water, global leader and pioneer in delivering superior water treatment and services, today announced the launch of the first-ever AI WaterBot, Cullie. Cullie is the latest innovation from the water industry trailblazer, using ChatGPT conversational capabilities to enhance the Culligan customer experience by providing 24/7 educational support and improving website interactions.

Cullie effectively creates a smoother online experience by providing quick, readily available info across a broad spectrum of water topics related to a customer’s questions and needs. The AI WaterBot takes service to the next level by answering queries and then coordinating customers to connect with knowledgeable Culligan service reps – elevating the overall customer experience from start to finish.

“At Culligan, we pride ourselves on not only the services we provide to our customers, through our state-of-the-art water filtration and treatment services and solutions, but the overall customer experience,” said Judd Larned, President of Culligan N.A. “As leaders of water solutions, we are always pushing the envelope for ways to innovate through technology and optimizations – and we’ve done that through the creation of Cullie, our

AI WaterBot. Cullie does not replace the personal aspect of Culligan’s customer service experience, but rather becomes an extension of it, creating the most seamless customer education and support system for water services and solutions.”

Culligan, founded 87 years ago, provides families and communities cleaner, safer water that helps them thrive. Over the course of the company’s history, Culligan has been an innovation leader, bringing leading edge technology including the most efficient water softeners and reverse osmosis systems. Most recently, these innovations include the Culligan Connect App, which works with WiFi-connected Culligan smart products, like water softeners, reverse osmosis systems and whole home water filtration systems. In just the latest iteration of anticipating its customers’ needs, Culligan created the first-ever AI WaterBot, Cullie, to enhance and improve the customer experience through cutting-edge technology.

“The creation of Cullie isn’t about replacing the human element of our customer experience, but more about enhancing the customer service experience,” said Iqbal Brainch, VP Marketing and Digital, Culligan N.A. “Cullie was created to quickly access data with ease and efficiency that may have otherwise been time-consuming to sort through, such as user manuals. By using Cullie, our customers can answer questions about the wide range of Culligan solutions which impact their daily lives at home and work, and also schedule appointments to chat with one of our highly-skilled representatives, request a home water test to find the solution that fits their needs and more. Ultimately, Cullie will provide a well-rounded, and – most importantly – easy experience for our customers.”

Cullie, the first-ever AI WaterBot, is awaiting water questions from residents throughout North America on Culligan’s website at For more info and to stay up-to-date on the latest in water services and solutions provided by Culligan, visit Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Founded in 1936, Culligan makes a real difference to people and to the planet by providing clean, sustainable, great-tasting water and reducing reliance on single-use plastic. Culligan is one of the world’s most recognized and trusted names in water, a reputation built through a legacy of trust, innovation, service, and quality. The Culligan master brand covers a family of iconic brands and innovative technologies that include Quench, Blupura, Zip Water, Purezza Premium Water and Firewall® UVC purification and that share a mission of bringing better water to consumers anywhere they need it – in the home, at work, at leisure or on-the-go. For more information, visit

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