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    Importance Of Drinking Enough Water During Pregnancy


    Importance Of Drinking Enough Water During Pregnancy


    Staying hydrated is important for any person, but drinking enough water is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. While soon-to-be moms have a lot on their mind, and a lot to prepare for, drinking enough water should be at the top of their daily to-do list. Here are a few of the many reasons why drinking enough water during pregnancy is important.

    Preventing Dehydration During Pregnancy

    The effects of dehydration on anyone, let alone a pregnant woman, can be highly detrimental to the body. When you’re dehydrated and pregnant, this can potentially set off a handful of complications including headaches, nausea, cramps, swollen hands and feet, and dizziness—none of which make being pregnant any easier. Drink water to prevent the negative impact dehydration can have on your pregnant body. An increase in water intake can help reduce nausea, headaches and water retention during pregnancy, and counter the many symptoms of dehydration.

    Relieve Pregnancy Symptoms With Water

    Common pregnancy symptoms include morning sickness, heartburn, indigestion, hot flashes and urinary tract infections. Drinking plenty of water might help to relieve heart burn and improve digestion, dilute your urine—which works to prevent urinary tract infection, and maintain a steady body temperature.

    Upping Water Intake In Various Forms

    There are numerous ways to increase water intake outside of just drinking more water. Find water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables, along with soup, and eat them on a regular basis. And if you get bored of drinking plain water, try infusing fruit into water to create a flavored beverage. It’s a win-win thanks to the combination of hydrating ingredients.

    Drinking Safe Water For Both You And Baby

    While drinking enough water is central to promoting a healthy pregnancy, it is just as important to drink high-quality water. And that’s where Culligan can lend a hand. We’ll come in and test your water to ensure that you’re drinking cleaner and clearer water. With our water expertise you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality drinking water for you and your baby.

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