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How Water Affects the Taste of Your Holiday Food & Drinks

image of water
image of water

How Water Affects the Taste of Your Holiday Food & Drinks


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And one thing that almost everyone looks forward to during the holidays is all the decadent holiday foods and beverages. Before you indulge, make sure your water is holiday-ready and won’t leave a bad taste despite your diligent preparation.

Bad-Tasting Water Makes for Bad-Tasting Food

Have you been noticing some unintended – and unpleasant – tastes in your food or drinks that seem a little too earthy or musty? Although many edibles originate in the ground, this type of earthy flavor shouldn’t be sneaking into your home-cooked meals.

This could be because your water is carrying compounds from decaying vegetation or algae that can be common in groundwater supplies. The contamination creates an earthy or musty flavor in your water that carries over into your food and drinks – anything prepared with water from the tap.

Another common complaint is water that tastes metallic, which as you can imagine means your water may contain metal contaminants like iron, copper, manganese, or zinc. Although these minerals are naturally occurring, they can leave behind an unpleasant taste if left untreated.

Keep Unpleasant Odors Out of the Kitchen

Did something go bad and get left in the fridge? Nope, but it could be your water eking into your favorite dishes. Sulfur in water presents itself as a foul odor, often described as similar to rotten eggs.

Although sulfur can occur naturally in your water supply, there are water treatment solutions that can rid you of the problem.

Keep your favorite holiday dishes tasting like you’ve always remembered this season, and all year long, by having your water tested to make sure no contaminants will ruin its taste. Your local Culligan Man can perform an extensive examination of your water and suggest the right solution for the needs of your home.

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