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How Does Water Purification & Filtration Work?


Water that has a bad odor or poor taste can be unpleasant to see, let alone drink. And that may be just scratching the surface of your problem water. Fortunately, Culligan water filtration and purification products can give you cleaner water throughout your entire home.

Water Filtration Process

Water is a solvent, meaning it has the ability to dissolve other substances – which is great in certain circumstances, like when you need to add detergent to a load of laundry to wash your clothes. But this trait can lead to problems in your drinking water when you think about the long journey your water takes before ever reaching your home’s faucet.

Before making it to your glass, your water is diverted from a natural source, flowing through the Earth and into a treatment center where it is processed before being distributed to your home. Along its journey, your water can absorb dirt, chemicals, and other contaminants that lead to a cloudy appearance, bad taste, and unpleasant odor.

The process of water filtration and purification takes problem water and turns it into cleaner water that’s free of odor, tastes, sediment, and contaminants.

Water filtration works in one of two ways – physical filtration and chemical filtration. With physical filtration, water is strained, often through a gauze-like membrane, to remove larger particles. With chemical filtration, water is treated with patented smart technology to remove impurities.

Cleaner Water, Everywhere

Different types of filtration are used to remove different types of contaminants. And although no measure of filtration is guaranteed to remove all particulates or problem-causing impurities, many of Culligan’s water filtration and purification systems use multiple filtration measures to work together to give you cleaner water.

Although your water quality will vary depending on where you live and where your water is supplied from, your local Culligan Man can help you choose a customized water filtration solution to treat the specific taste, odor, look, feel, and quality of the water coming from your faucets – give him a call to schedule an appointment and find the solution that will leave you with cleaner water that’s refreshing to drink.

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