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Growing Concerns Over Water Safety


Recently, Culligan created the “Truth About Water” campaign to help address water safety concerns. As part of the campaign, we performed a nationwide survey to help us understand the level of knowledge consumers have about their water.

Water Safety Concerns

A key finding from the survey indicates that 75% of participants believe water safety is a growing concern in the US. However, despite these growing concerns, we also found that 73% have never had their water tested.

Thousands of water systems cover the US, many of which made headlines in the last year for having excess levels of contamination. Harmful contaminants, such as lead, E. coli, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, and iron, can be present in drinking water without giving off any telltale signs.

Since the average person uses about 50 gallons of water every day, the quality of your water is crucial for health and safety.

Addressing Water Concerns

The best way to address your water concerns is to start by taking notice of any issues that may be caused by water contaminants. While some contaminants are undetectable, others exhibit clear indicators of problem water, including corroded plumbing fixtures, unpleasant odors, bad taste, discolored water, and even sluggish appliances.

We recommend having your water tested to identify contaminants in your water. Our basic, in-home water test is free and easy, and can detect contaminants such as nitrates, hardness, and total dissolved solids. If you have specific concerns, your Culligan Man can provide more detailed water analysis by sending your water sample to our EPA-certified testing laboratory.

Contact your local Culligan Man today to schedule a water test and find out what’s in your water.

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