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Potential “Forever Chemicals” In Your Home Water In Kitchener


Have you ever wondered what it means to have “Forever Chemicals” in your home? These harmful substances may be present in the Kitchener water supply, leaving local homes at a potentially higher risk associated with PFAS or PFOS.

In this article, learn about some of the underlying risks of “Forever Chemicals” and learn what you might be able to do to prevent some of their harmful effects.

Our local team at Culligan of Kitchener will be happy to assist you and your family in getting safer drinking water, no matter the issue. Continue reading the article below for more information, or contact our team today with your immediate questions and concerns.

What Are The Risks of PFAS/PFOS In Your Water?

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS/PFOS, are synthetic chemicals that are infamous for their persistence and harmful effects on human health. You may have been warned against teflon, the material associated with non-stick cookware that usually contains these chemicals. Read on to learn about some of the possible adverse effects of PFAS/PFOS:

Human Health

PFAS/PFOS have been linked to a range of health problems throughout the years. Even low levels of exposure may lead to unwanted health effects, making their presence in drinking water a likely cause for concern for many families.

Unhealthy Environment

“Forever Chemicals” do not break down naturally in their environment. This persistence can lead to long-term contamination of water sources, harming ecosystems, wildlife, and homes.

Rules & Regulations

The regulations surrounding PFAS/PFOS tend to fluctuate consistently, and standards for acceptable levels of these chemicals in drinking water can become increasingly lenient. As a result, many local water supplies may now be found to contain levels exceeding these limits.

A Concrete Solution to Get Safer Water Today

There are multiple ways to combat a variety of harsh chemicals and contaminants in your Kitchener home. Our Culligan of Kitchener team not only offers a wide range of products and solutions, but also personalizes them for you so that your specific water needs are met for years to come. While tests can be pricey and time-consuming, we have a direct product recommendation that may help PFAS/PFOS, in particular.

Reverse osmosis is a key technology in the world of water filtration, effectively eradicating many long-lasting effects of chemical-filled water. Our Aquasential® reverse osmosis system, complemented by our NSF-approved Total Defense filter cartridge, pushes water through a membrane and filters out a variety of substances that are potentially harmful to human health. Our team recommends these products together for a more viable solution to combat PFAS/PFOS.

Let Us Help You Get Better Home Water

To learn more about “Forever Chemicals” and how to potentially combat their adverse effects, contact our team today by calling 519-744-2248.

Our local team of specialists is here for you, providing top quality water service in the area. Want to check one more thing off your to-do list? Our specialists are trained and understand local water issues in Kitchener, allowing you to have peace of mind knowing your home water is cared for.

We’ll be happy to help you install and service your new home water system. The team here at Culligan of Kitchener will look forward to hearing from you!

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