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Improving Water Quality in Orlando: Whole Home Units for Homeowners


While Orlando is known to many for its vibrant tourist attractions, it is also considered home to residents and homeowners that care about the safety and well-being of their families. It is essential to check-up on your home water for any problems that may be laying under the surface.

The Culligan of Orlando team has made fixing home water problems easier for local homeowners, considering the unique water challenges families in the area face. In this article, our local water specialists dive into the specific water issues faced by homeowners in the Orlando area and explore the advantages of Culligan’s whole home water systems. 

We’ll also highlight the benefits of payment plans when you invest in a whole home unit and how customer service top-notch customer service ensures you get the best whole home water solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Understanding Orlando’s Water Quality Challenges

Orlando’s city and well water sources are susceptible to various contaminants, including pollutants from agricultural runoff, urban development, and high amounts of natural minerals like iron and manganese. While these elements are common in the local tap water, investing in a whole home unit will ensure that your home water is better to use for necessities like laundry and dishwashing and safer to drink. This is because a whole home unit not only softens water but purifies it for drinking, as well.

High temperatures and humidity can exacerbate these issues, leading to foul odors, unpleasant tastes, and potential health risks. Furthermore, the city’s water treatment processes may not fully eliminate all contaminants, leaving homeowners with concerns about the safety and purity of their tap water.

Whole Home Water Systems: A Comprehensive Solution

While reverse osmosis (RO) systems effectively purify drinking water, they only address a fraction of the water quality challenges in Orlando. This leaves many local homes with stiff and rough laundry, spotty dishes and white, scaly faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms.

The primary advantage of a whole home water system is that it will provide an all-encompassing solution by not only improving the taste and safety of drinking water but also addressing water hardness, sediment and other impurities throughout the entire household. The softening benefits of a whole home unit extend to laundry and dishwashing, resulting in softer fabrics and spotless dishes while maintaining the integrity of your plumbing system.

Advantages of Whole Home Water Units for Seasonal Residents

For those with second homes in Orlando, water quality management becomes a critical consideration, especially during prolonged periods of absence. With our company’s monthly payment plans and increased attention to customer care, investing in a whole home water system becomes more manageable and accessible.

There are many costs associated with a second home. By spreading out costs over time, permanent and seasonal residents can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their water supply is protected and automated, even during extended vacations. Avoid the hassle of dealing with water issues when you arrive at your second home and let our top-notch customer service handle your water needs.

The Power of Payment Flexibility on Home Water Units

Upfront costs can add up when it comes to home water units. While it is a worthwhile investment that can increase the health and overall wellbeing of your family, costs of the equipment alone can accumulate. Naturally, a larger system will be essential for a family home. This is why a payment plan can allow for your family to have the right-sized system without the burdensome costs when starting out.

Payment flexibility when buying a home water unit allows homeowners in the Orlando area to achieve improved water quality without straining finances. By opting for monthly payments with Culligan of Orlando, you can experience the benefits of a whole home water system without the burden of upfront costs. This flexibility makes it easier to invest in a long-term solution that enhances your family’s health and comfort while taking into account other essential expenses.

Decades of Experience Keeps Worries At Bay

With over 80 years of experience serving Orlando homeowners, our company takes pride in providing the best customer service and care. We understand the unique water challenges faced by residents in this area and therefore offer a free water test to assess specific water quality needs.

Our local expert team can deliver personalized solutions that address the contaminants and issues prevalent in your water supply. Say goodbye to worries about hidden water problems and experience cleaner, healthier water at home!

Whole Home Units Will Remain Families’ Favorite

Ensuring optimal water quality in Orlando homes requires a comprehensive approach that considers the unique water challenges faced by seasonal and permanent residents. A whole home water system offers a holistic solution that purifies drinking water, softens necessities, and safeguards your plumbing system. This is why homeowners will often opt for this type of equipment. It lasts longer, has a better success rate, and leaves behind any worries of sizing or quality.

Culligan’s decades of expertise and top-notch customer service deliver tailored solutions that address Orlando’s water issues effectively. Secure your water quality today by booking a free water test with our local water specialists and experience the true benefits of a whole home water system for your Orlando home.

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