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Dry Skin? Here’s Our Top 3 Tips For Healthier Looking Skin


The long, cold winter months can leave you with dry, cracked skin. With blistering cold weather outside combined with high-temperature heat blasting indoors and a decrease of moisture in the air overall, your body’s outermost protective layer may feel the damaging effects. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you take the right steps to counter the negative effects of the coldest time of year. Here’s the best way to hydrate skin in the winter months and beyond.

1. Change Up Your Shower Routine

Dry skin can stem from the water you use to wash up with. Three different aspects of water that can specifically affect your skin and dry it out include the type of water filtering out of your faucet, the temperature of the water and the longevity of your shower. Your home may be showering with hard water, which means it holds a certain concentration of calcium and magnesium minerals that might not favor your skin.

When you shower with hard water, it can potentially dry out your skin. Look towards a water softening solution that helps to filter out minerals so it’s gentler on your skin when you shower and wash your face. Additionally, taking lukewarm showers versus piping hot showers can retain moisture in your skin. Last, a shower that’s short and sweet is the way to go, and helps avoid any unnecessary time your skin is exposed to drying out effects.

2. Constantly Add Moisture To Your Skin

It may seem like a given, but proactively moisturizing your skin in the winter should be a top priority if you plan on keeping it soft, smooth and hydrated. Switch up your moisturizer lotion to one that’s cream-based for an added layer of protection that helps keep the water molecules within your skin. You can also add moisture to the dry air with a humidifier.

3. Stay Hydrated

You may think that cooler weather means you aren’t sweating as much, but that may not be the case. You can lose water through your breath and through all those layers of winter clothing. Make sure that you maintain proper hydration by regularly drinking water. Maintaining a proper balance of water in your body’s system allows it to not only properly function, but it also helps to rid the skin of toxins, leaving you with a healthy, hydrated glow.

How to fix dry skin starts with keeping it hydrated. From washing it with soft water, to taking shorter showers, to using cooler water, Culligan can help make sure you have the right water running through your home for proper skin hydration.

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