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Culligan Customer Story: The Pagel Family


Meet the Pagel family of Amherst, WI – Culligan customers since 2001.

The Pagels’ Water Challenge: Hard Water/Well Water

Mike Pagel lives in a rural area with well water. When he and his wife decided to become parents, they wanted to make sure their water was safe, as a lot of wells in the area were known to have traces of agricultural chemicals. Fortunately, a water test showed that wasn’t an issue with their water, but the results pointed to another problem – hard water.

“Our results were off the top of the chart,” Mike said. “There were a lot of dissolved minerals in the water, which made it taste great, but it sure wasn’t good for the plumbing or showering or things like that. So we decided to invest in a water softener.”

Their Better Water Solution

Right away after their system was installed, the Pagels noticed more lather in the shower, less soap needed to clean their clothes, and fewer mineral deposits in showers, sinks and toilets.

Value Add: Salt delivery

“They come and deliver the salt, they carry it into the house and they fill the tank. After that, they’ll do a quick water test at the kitchen sink to make sure the softener is working and they’re on their merry way. … The fact that they’re willing to carry those bags of salt down the stairs is convenient for someone who’s not used to doing that every day or doesn’t want to.”

What Made the Difference:

  • Local focus. “I prefer to buy local as opposed to big box whenever I can. I have been an elected official in local government for 20-some years and watched small businesses crushed by the emergence of big-box stores. … If I’m going to buy an appliance, I’ll go to the local store … because I know if I have an issue I can make a phone call and someone’s going to show up to fix it. You’re just nurturing your community.”
  • A name they could trust. “We had a good feeling about the Culligan brand name. There was another local other option, but they didn’t have a great reputation.”
  • Service. “I have a friend who built a home in this area about 15 miles north of me and he was dealing with a different company. He was dissatisfied with service after the sale and felt like they were nickel-and-diming him, constantly wanting to add new options to get the water he wanted. I told him about my experience, and he sent that company packing, called Culligan and he’s been happy ever since.”
  • Personal connections. “What it really comes down to is the people they send out. … The product is one thing, but the human interaction is what really seals the deal. The person who answers [the phone] over there is always cheerful., helpful, and efficient. You end up with a smile on your face when the call is over … It’s experiences like that that bring you back.

“What amazes me in today’s reality when people only stay in a job for a relatively short period of time, the same people have been there a long time, and to me that says something,” Mike said.

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