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Culligan Customer Story: The Gascoigne Family


Meet Lance and Alison Gascoigne of Mill Bay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Culligan customers since around 2020.

The Gascoigne’s Water Challenges: Hard water/Bad-tasting water

When mineral deposits began appearing on bathroom fixtures and shower tiles, Lance Gascoigne had a feeling it was due to hardness in his home’s water. Hard water had been an issue in his childhood home in Saskatchewan.

His parents treated their problem with a Culligan water softener. Perhaps not surprisingly, then, Lance says Culligan was the first company that came to mind when he set out to solve his own hard water dilemma. Lance worked with Culligan to get his water tested and learned it did indeed have a high level of hardness.

Their Better Water Solutions

Lance purchased a Culligan water softener, which reduces the dissolved calcium and magnesium that cause problematic buildup. After it was installed, he and Alison also noticed their skin wasn’t as dry and their hair felt better, Lance says.

About three months later, Lance also ordered a reverse osmosis drinking water system to improve the taste of their water.

“We’re happy with the systems,” Lance says. “It’s much, much nicer water. It’s much softer, and the drinking water is terrific.”

Value Add: Reliable Customer Service

Because Lance lives on an island that he describes as “a little bit of a jaunt from Vancouver”—that jaunt is about 3.5 hours—he mostly communicated over the phone and email with Paige Clancey, a water consultant at Culligan Vancouver.

“She was very helpful and very informative,” Lance says. Paige recommended a softener based on the water test results, the size of the house and how many people lived in it. She also used the water test results to recommend which filters to include in the drinking water system.

Paige was Lance’s primary contact, but he says, “Everyone was very, very friendly and the service was terrific. They did what they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it, and we’re very happy with that.”

What Made the Difference: Convenience

Culligan included a large quantity of salt with the original purchase of the softener, and the Gascoignes are still working through it. “We intend to replenish that with salt from Culligan when the time comes,” Lance says.

Culligan will deliver the salt as well as new filters for the drinking water system when they need replacing. “We just have to phone them,” he says.

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