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Common Water Contaminants & Issues


What happens when normal water goes wrong? There are countless ways for water to pick up extra baggage, and many problems it can encounter on its journey to your tap. Some you can see or smell, some you can’t.

We’re no strangers to fielding questions about tap water issues, and why you might be experiencing problems with the water in your home. To provide you with even more information, we’ve built out some brand-new pages on our website to help address these common questions. From the contaminants you can see, like dissolved iron and sediment buildup, to the ones you can’t, like arsenic and lead, you can find answers to all of your problem water questions on

5 Common Water Issues and How to Solve for Them

Lead in Water

Invisible, odorless, and tasteless, lead in water is top of mind for a lot of us in the water industry, and one of the best ways to protect against it is with a lab water test at our headquarters in Illinois.

Arsenic in Water

Like lead, arsenic is potentially harmful and hard to identify without more comprehensive water testing.

Iron in Water

Usually identifiable by a reddish or brownish hue, as well as the staining it can leave behind around sinks and faucets, not only can dissolved iron cause damage to pipes and fixtures, it can also be unpleasant to drink and use around the house. A Culligan Man can test specific levels and recommend the right filter, like our Iron-Cleer® solution, for the best fix.

Sulfur in Water

One sniff is probably all it would take for you to pick out a sulfur problem in your water. While it’s most obvious and immediate issue is it’s unpleasant odor and taste, sulfur can also be responsible for the growth of additional bacteria in water, which can lead to more issues in the long term. A sulfur-specific filter, like the Sulfur-Cleer® Water System, can clear up problems quickly and prevent any future complications.

TDS in Water

Water would hardly be recognizable without some amount of mineral concentration. However, when the levels start to stretch beyond what’s normal, those same beneficial minerals can create problems. Softening water is usually one of the best ways to deal with TDS, though your Culligan Man can test your specific water and its issues to confirm the best solution.

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