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Take a minute to think about your water. How does it smell? How does it taste? Can you feel its effect on your skin? Do you see its residue left behind?

There are many ways to describe water, but you may start asking questions when your water starts presenting problems in your home.

Does your water smell?

Water that has musty, rotten egg, metallic, chemical, or chlorine odors can be caused by a variety of contaminants. For instance, musty-smelling water can fluctuate as the seasons change due to natural changes in the water source, whereas chemical or chlorine-smelling water can occur because of additives used during the water treatment process.

Do you have bad-tasting water?

Sometimes you may have poor quality water that just doesn’t taste right — it might even take on the taste associated with the odors mentioned above. Regardless of cause, your water shouldn’t taste like anything but plain old water. If it does, give us a call.

How does your water make you feel?

Hard water is common throughout the United States. Among other household nuisances, it can leave your skin dry, itchy, or irritated and your hair dull and damaged. You may also notice it taking a toll on your once soft and fluffy towels that have become stiff and dingy — hard water makes laundry wear out quickly.

Can you see the effects of your water?

Signs that point to problem water include: water that’s cloudy or discolored, floating particles, spots and streaks on glassware and dishes, scale buildup on faucets and fixtures, and soap scum residue in bathtubs and showers.

Sensing certain characteristics in your water may not be normal, but with a simple water test, your Culligan Man can determine what’s causing your common water problems.

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