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Are Culligan Water Softeners Worth It?


If you’re in the market for a water softener, you may be wondering what exactly makes Culligan systems stand out from others. Since they are high-quality compared to many competitive products, it’s natural to ask, “Are they worth it?”

Here are three reasons Culligan softeners offer exceptional value and are indeed worth the money:

Value Add 1: Systems Come with a Full-Service Partner

Culligan is a network of professionally trained technicians who not only know how to solve water problems, but also specialize in the company’s many products. They thrive on helping homeowners access better water and the peace of mind that comes with every drop.

Culligan Water experts won’t simply install a one-size-fits-all softener and kindly bid you adieu. Rather, they will recommend a softener that has the right size and capacity for your home. This is important since softeners that are undersized or don’t have adequate capacity can regenerate too frequently and cost you more money.

Your Culligan expert will also provide a free in-home water test to better understand the quality of your water. They may then further customize your solution to achieve the optimal results – for example, using additional filtration if other issues are identified in your water.

Since the process involves so much chemistry and product specifications, it can be hard to buy the right solution online or from a big-box store. It can also be hard to set one up properly.

Culligan experts, on the other hand, install softeners on a daily basis, and they will properly install yours. They’ll also help you keep your softener in tip-top shape by taking care of its maintenance and service needs for as long as you own the unit. New smart softeners from Culligan even give you the option of having remote diagnostics and service notifications sent to your dealer so a technician can proactively contact you if there’s an issue—one you may not even know about.

Value Add 2: Quality Products with Durability

The company doesn’t just sell softeners—it also designs, engineers and manufactures them. That gives Culligan complete control over the quality of its products, and there’s no question its softeners are built to last. On average, you should expect more than a decade of service out of a good quality softener like a system from Culligan. Many of the parts in these systems are covered by 10-year warranties or even lifetime warranties.

Notably, outside agencies validate Culligan’s water softening systems so you can rest assured that your Culligan system has been manufactured under the highest of industry standards.

Manufacturing its products also enables Culligan to respond to customer demands for forward-thinking features that add even more value. New smart softeners enable users to interface with their units through a connected app on a smartphone or tablet. For instance, you could control your unit remotely, like to put it in bypass mode when you’re running the sprinkler, or you could monitor how much water you’re using.

You can even purchase accessories for newer softeners like a leak detector that will send you an alarm through the app if water or moisture is detected. (Other factors that can affect the cost of a softener include its size as well as the labor and materials involved in installing the system.)

Value Add 3: An Established Brand You Can Trust

Culligan has been a respected name in water treatment for more than 85 years. Today it has a North American network of more than 600 dealers, most of which are locally owned and operated. Many are family businesses that are proudly run by multigenerational family members.

There’s another family aspect of the Culligan story: Many dealers serve generations of families who know from experience that Culligan products are worth the price. It’s common for a couple to inquire about a softener for their own home after growing up with water softened by Culligan in the homes of their parents and grandparents.

Customers also appreciate that the Culligan dealer network stands behind its products and recognizes homeowners want to buy a softener that offers longevity. For instance, if Culligan ever discontinues a product line, dealers will still support that product with parts for 10 years. That’s not a benefit you can typically get when you buy a system off-the-shelf or a unit that is sold in the wholesale market to plumbers and independent water treatment companies.

Culligan systems even come with a 30-day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Yes, Culligan Water Softeners Are Worth It

Ready for better water throughout your home? Learn more about Culligan’s water softener systems or water filtration systems and schedule an appointment with your local dealer today.


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