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A Closer Look: Contaminants Aren’t Necessarily in Your Water


You may have seen this note throughout our site when talking about contaminants affecting your water: “Contaminants are not necessarily in your water.” But what does that mean exactly?

A Closer Look at Contaminants

Certain contaminants can affect your water, but aren’t necessarily in your water. Let’s take a closer look:

Bacterial Growth

Most homes across the U.S. are affected by hard water, but besides the more well-known hard water problems – water spots, soap scum, dry skin, etc. – what you may not know is the scale formed by hard water can build inside pipes, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bacteria in water can present itself in various ways, but the least pleasant is that unmistakable rotten-egg smell. Although sulfur can naturally occur in some water sources, sulfur bacteria can also grow in pipes – you’ll know the difference by determining if the smell is isolated to one faucet or present throughout the entire house.

Pipe Corrosion

Lead contamination comes from aging pipes and plumbing infrastructure that have not been updated, eventually becoming corroded and leaching into water. This is more common in older homes built before 1986, especially in areas where the water is naturally highly acidic or low in mineral content, both of which contribute to pipe and fixture corrosion.

For more information on water contaminants, how they affect your water, and solutions for tough water problems, contact your local Culligan Man.

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