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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Smart HE Water Softener


Water softeners solve the pesky problem of hardness in water, which can cause damage to homes, appliances and even skin and hair. If you own an Aquasential® Smart High Efficiency (HE) water softener, you’ve likely already seen a dramatic difference in your water quality. But are you making the most of your system? Here are five ways to get exceptional value from your new smart water softener.

1. Set Up Your System on the Culligan® Connect App

Culligan Connect app setup screenConnecting your system to the Culligan Connect app lets you unlock even more convenience, control and peace of mind from your water softener, from tracking water usage to getting low-salt alerts (more on these later).

Getting started is simple. First, download the Culligan Connect app from the Apple App Store or Google Play (you’ll see our reviews average higher than four stars!). Launch the app and create an account using your primary email address. You can use these instructions to pair your Culligan system with the app, and then begin the setup process to take advantage of your smart features.

It’s also a good idea to confirm that your local Culligan professional has connected your system on their end. This doesn’t require you to take any additional steps, but this connection enables them to receive alerts if your system has an issue. They can even perform some remote diagnostics if you have a problem, which could save you a service visit.


2. Monitor Your Water Usage (and Conserve More)

Tracking household water usage on the Culligan Connect AppIf you’ve been thinking about what more you can do more to protect our planet’s valuable resources, water conservation is a great opportunity.

With your Aquasential® Smart HE Water Softener, you can use the Culligan Connect app to set water usage goals for your household and track how you’re doing on a daily and weekly basis. (The app will even remind you to check in on your goal!) Not only can your efforts help with a more sustainable lifestyle, but it can save you money on your water bill, too.

So what is a good goal for water usage? The app includes some helpful tools to help you decide, but looking at your water bill to see how much you’re using currently is a good place to start. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that an average family of four uses about 300 gallons of water a day, which is about 75 gallons per person. Showers and toilets are the biggest water users on average, per the EPA, so those are good places to start as you think about where you can conserve.


3. Get Important Alerts from Your Phone

Select alerts about your smart system on the Culligan Connect AppOne of the biggest benefits of smart household products – whether it’s your garage, thermostat or water softener – is the ability to get alerts when important information is available. To take advantage of this option, be sure to select which alerts you want to receive in the Culligan Connect app.

To choose your alerts, click on your system name on the home screen and then select Alert Settings. You can then turn on alerts for:
• When your salt level is low
• If a leak is detected (which can detect leaks from other nearby water-using appliances as well)
• If there is an issue with your softener’s connection status
• Other error flags (such as an overfilled brine tank, annual service needed, and more)

You can choose to get alerts through SMS messages, push notifications from the app, or both.


4. Ensure You Never Run Out of Salt

low salt alert push notification

Your water softener needs salt to run properly, but keeping your brine tank full can take some effort. First, you have to remember to check your salt level regularly; then, you have to run downstairs, or head out to the garage or utility room, to lift the lid and peek inside. That hassle is gone with your smart water softener.

As noted above, the Culligan Connect app can alert you to low salt levels via SMS or a push notification. When you do refill your salt, make sure you update your salt level in the app so it can accurately alert you the next time the salt runs low. Just click your system name on the home screen, then click Set Salt Level in the middle of the next screen to get this done.

More good news: If you’ve chosen to get the optional salt-level monitor with your system, you can skip this step altogether. The level of salt in your softener will automatically update in the app when you have that accessory.

Here’s one more tip to save you time and hassle. If you sign up for Culligan’s salt delivery service, you can ensure you always have salt on hand when you need it. Plus, you won’t have to deal with buying and carrying those heavy bags home from the store.


5. Control Your System from the Palm of Your Hand

Set water softener on bypass from smart appThere are two more helpful ways your Smart HE Water Softener lets you manage your system right from your smartphone.

The first is putting your system on bypass, which simply means keeping the water you’re using from flowing through the softener. This is useful for situations where you don’t necessarily need soft water, like watering your lawn or filling up the kids’ pool.

To turn on bypass, just click your system’s name on the Culligan Connect home screen, then click the Bypass option. You can select a specific time period or choose to bypass your softener until you actively turn it back on. (And if you’ve owned a non-smart softener in the past, you’ll especially appreciate how much simpler this is than having to go over to your softener and turn the bypass valve until it’s off!)

Another valuable setting you can turn on from the app is Away Mode, which enables you to receive alerts if any water flows when you’re not home. This feature is most useful for vacations or any longer trip away from home. If you see that water is running, it could be a sign of a leak. If you suspect that’s the case, put your softener on bypass to pause softening and call your local Culligan professional.


From convenience to conservation, all these smart features add up to even more value from your investment in your water softener. Have any questions on how to set up the app or make the most of its features? Just call our Culligan Connect help line at 877-870-6110.

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