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5 Ways Soft Water Can Kickstart Your New Year’s Resolutions


New year, new you … new water? Your resolutions this year might include learning a language, trying a new hobby, or exercising more often – but you may not have a water upgrade on your list. It’s easy to turn on the tap without stopping to think twice about what’s in your water supply and how it can affect you. The truth is, the water we use to eat, drink, cook, and bathe can all have an impact on our health, hydration and wellbeing. Here’s how quality, filtered water can help turn your new year’s resolutions into lifelong habits.

Resolution 1: Spend less time cleaning.

When the holidays leave behind piles of string lights and wrapping paper all over your home, you may crave a refreshed, organized space by January. However, when resolving to keep a clean home in 2024 means extra time scrubbing, dusting and mopping, your cleanliness goals may fall to the wayside by spring. If you want a sparkling home without the extra chores, a water upgrade may be the solution. Hard water, or water with excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium, can cause streaky glassware in the dishwasher, spotty shower doors and chalky buildup around faucets no matter how often you clean them. Hard water also prevents cleaning agents such as soap from effectively working. A water softener will trap these damaging minerals and let cleaner, soft water flow through your tap. Soft water will not only help you clean less often – it’ll make it faster and easier when you do have to.

Resolution 2: Upgrade your look

If you want to ring in the new year with a refreshed look or wardrobe, soft water has you covered. You may not realize it, but hard water is notorious for causing dry, flat, damaged hair. Washing your hair with hard water can also lead to an irritated scalp, bad tangles, and even fade your hair coloring. Washing your hair with softened water is known to leave you with a smoother, shinier, softer result.

What’s more, soft water can also improve your laundry. When you wash your clothes with hard water, the harsh minerals can leave behind unpleasant buildup that traps soil and sweat, resulting in stiffer fabric and duller colors. Soft water can eliminate mineral buildup that dulls the fabric fibers, keeping your wardrobe looking newer for longer.

Resolution 3: Learn to cook.

If you racked up takeout boxes in 2023, you may want to cook for yourself more often this new year. However, sometimes no matter what you do, the perfect meal hoped would be a hit just doesn’t turn out quite right. You may blame the recipe, the oven, or the ingredients, but the culprit could be hard water. Calcium and magnesium are electrolytes like sodium, which means they can tighten gluten. If you’re making any kind of dough, your water can cause it to become rigid, stiff, or make it break apart when you try to shape it.

Hard water can also have an adverse affect on your grains, like pasta and rice. Grains become ready to eat after boiling, when the heat breaks down the starches and proteins and the grain is rehydrated by the water, making them soften in texture and grow in size. When grains absorb overly hard water, it can create an unpleasant flavor. Plus, hard water has an elevated boiling point, meaning it takes longer to cook your food.

Soft water is a chef’s best friend in the kitchen. If you plan to try your hand at some new recipes this new year, a water softener is your first step towards a five-star review.

Resolution 4: Start a skincare routine.

Whether you heard it from social media or your dermatologist, skincare is the trend that is here to stay. The skincare industry is projected to generate more than $180 billion in revenue in 2023, increasing by $50 billion over the last decade. However, no matter the cleanser, lotion, or creams you try, the best skincare hack is high-quality water. Water with too much calcium or magnesium (known as hard water) is likely to cause dry, irritated, or inflamed skin. A water softener can address this issue and leave you with cleaner, quality water.

Resolution 5: Save more money.

After all the money spent on gifts and decorations, the start of a new year can be a great time to minimize spending and maximize savings. If you’re looking for clever way to cut costs, a water softener may be what you’re looking for. Soft water will decrease the amount of soap, shampoo, or cleaner you have to use to achieve the desired effect. It also helps promote long-lasting appliances, healthier plumbing, better water heater efficiency and lower energy costs. While the money spent upfront may feel counterintuitive to your saving goals, the money saved day-to-day – along with all the other benefits – is a worthwhile investment.

No matter what your goals are this year, quality water will help you make your resolutions a reality from January to December. Ready to take the first step? Schedule your free in-home free water test and consultation today.

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