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5 Ways a Water Upgrade Can Help Make Your Resolutions a Reality


Each year, wellness dominates new year’s resolutions. According to Forbes,– improving fitness was the most popular resolution of 2023 – with improving diet, mental health, and losing weight all trailing closely behind. However, sticking to new, healthy habits can be trickier than it seems, with 80 percent of all resolutions being abandoned by February.

If your progress on your wellness journey is falling behind, you may blame your gym, your diet, or your dedication  but did you know your water could be the obstacle standing your way? Instead of washing your resolutions down the drain, learn how upgrading your drinking water can help turn some of the most common new year’s resolutions into a reality.

Get fit.

It’s frustrating to arrive at the gym for a workout without the energy to make it count. While you may turn to a protein bar or caffeinated drink, water may be the only thing you need. Proper hydration is essential to maximize your performance, prevent injury, and encourage muscle recovery. In fact, a mere 2% loss of your body’s total water volume can result in a 20% decrease in physical performance. It is recommended that athletes drink 7-10 ounces of water for every 10-20 minutes of exercise.

Improve mental health.

In addition to your physical health, water can do wonders for your mental health as well. Proper levels of hydration are correlated with decreased stress, improved mental state and increased cognitive abilities. It also has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Drinking more water may seem like a small change, but it packs a punch – the National Institute of Health reports that being dehydrated by even two percent under one’s ideal level will interfere with their ability to focus and short term memory. Hydrating is a quick, easy, and effective method to put your best foot forward.

Lose weight.

If your goal this year is to shed excess pounds, consider swapping the diet shakes for a glass of water. Water can help to naturally suppress your appetite and reduce your overall calorie intake – especially drinking cold water before a meal. Water stimulates your metabolism, encourages fat burning and can replace sugary beverages that add to your daily caloric intake.

Feel better.

Our immune systems depend on having enough water to properly function. Blood plasma is made of 90 percent water and needs to constantly replenish fluids to send nutrients and communicate signals to our essential organs. Your lymphatic system also uses water to transport white blood cells that protect your body from infection. Additionally, if you are already sick, water helps support your immune response by flushing out your system through sweat and urine.

Focus on wellness.

It’s clear that drinking enough water is important to look, feel and perform your best during your day to day – but proper hydration can have an even more profound impact on your long-term health. A study found that adults who maintain adequate hydration levels are at lower risk for heart disease, lung disease, chronic illnesses and even boast a longer lifespan. The same study reported that drinking enough water throughout your life can even slow down the aging process by encouraging healthy organ function and reducing external signs of aging in skin.

Even when you know all the benefits, drinking enough water can be challenging. Between busy schedules, stress and tempting sugary beverages, it’s hard to keep up with the recommended 12-16 cups per day. It’s easiest to stay hydrated when you have fresh, filtered water right on tap, and a reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system is a great solution. If you want to upgrade your year with better water, schedule a free, in-home water test today to see if an RO system is right for you, your family, and your home.

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