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5 Steps to Access Clean Water


To help address people’s concerns and to provide greater education around water contamination issues, Culligan recommends homeowners follow these five steps to ensure access to clean, safe water.

1. Know where water contamination can occur.

Water impurities are not necessarily in your water — they can come from other sources, such as the distribution system, even after the water treatment process. Lead, for example, can leach into water from lead pipes, fixtures, and solder.

2. Become educated on your home’s current filtration system.

Although water filters, like charcoal pitchers and refrigerator cartridges, can provide better-tasting water, they are not able to remove harmful impurities that could be present in your water — and they don’t treat all the water throughout your home. Culligan’s water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and specialty filtration systems can target and eliminate specific contaminants that could be affecting your water.

3. Take notice of any issues that may be caused by water impurities.

Some signs of problem water are easy to detect, including corroded plumbing fixtures, unpleasant odors, unpleasant taste, discolored water, and hard water residue. Other signs may not point as obviously to problem water, including shortened appliance lifespan, dry skin, and brittle hair.

4. Schedule a test to identify impurities in your water.

A basic water test from your local Culligan Man can detect odorless and tasteless contaminants, including nitrates, hardness, and total dissolved solids. A water sample is taken straight from your tap with results in minutes. If your in-home water analysis indicates issues, or if you have specific water concerns, your Culligan Man can provide more in-depth water analysis by sending a sample to our EPA-certified testing lab.

5. Assess your water and treat any issues appropriately.

Your local Culligan Man is a certified water treatment professional and can work with you to identify any impurities found in your water, and will recommend specific solutions for the needs of your water.


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