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3 Hot Weather Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer


Not only is it important for you to keep hydrated during the hot summer days, but it’s equally as important to keep pets cool in the summer. Dogs overheating can quickly become a problem with the sun scorching and high-heat temperatures outside. According to the American Kennel Club, signs of dehydration in dogs include loss of appetite, reduced energy levels, excessive panting, sunken or dry-looking eyes, dry nose and gums, and loss of skin elasticity. Avoid heat stroke in dogs by following these three hot weather tips.

1. Constantly Hydrate Your Dog

It can’t be said enough, but one of the best ways of keeping dogs cool and avoiding dehydration is to provide constant hydration for them. This can be done in a multitude of ways. One way to ensure constant access to water is to bring a collapsible water dish and water canteen with you on your walks. An even more creative way to hydrate your pup is by making frozen treats for dogs, also known as “pupsicles,” that are water-based. Chicken-bacon pupsicles are a hit with K-9s. Combine one cup of low-sodium chicken broth, one cup of water, chopped chicken meat and bacon bits together and freeze into ice pop molds. This is a nutrient-packed, frozen treat that will cool down your dog.

2. Use Water To Cool Down Your Dog

If your furry friend has been running around all day in the sun, you should focus on how to cool a dog down quickly. Place some ice cubes in their water bowl to bring down their internal body temperature. You can also fill up a kiddie pool in the yard so your dog can take a dip and cool down, while indirectly drinking water and getting a quick rinse.

3. Dress-Up Your Pet With Cooling Accessories

An easy way to cool a dog down is to use water-based cooling accessories. For example, you can place a cooling dog collar bandana on them to provide cooling relief. Before taking a walk with your dog on a hot summer day, all you need to do is soak the collar in cold water for approximately five minutes. The accessories have built-in polymers that absorb the water and convert it into cooling action.

How Culligan Can Help Your Furry Friend

The number one ingredient to cooling off your dog and giving it proper hydration is water. Make sure you’re giving your dog quality water. Contact your Culligan Man to test the quality of your water. After all, man’s best friend deserves the best water when cooling down and keeping hydrated during the dog days of summer.

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