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How Does Culligan Water Delivery Work?

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Does Culligan Deliver Bottled Water?

 Culligan Water offers a convenient water delivery service with systems available for rent or purchase. With a bottled water dispenser, enjoy hassle-free refills and choose the frequency and time of service. Or, skip the deliveries and access an endless supply of great-tasting water with a Bottle-Free® Cooler.

How Many Gallons Are in A Culligan Jug?

Culligan Water offers sanitized, five-gallon jugs and requires a minimum of three bottles for delivery.

Where Is Culligan Bottled Water Sourced From?

Culligan Water most commonly sources its bottled water from springs and local municipalities. The water typically undergoes both a softening and reverse osmosis process, and some of our dealers may even add beneficial minerals back into the water to create a refreshing taste. Microorganisms are also minimized through ozone and UV filtration before water leaves the facility. Our network of Culligan dealer bottlers are all members of the International Bottled Water Association or the Canadian Bottled Water Association, which holds them to even higher quality standards than those of the Food and Drug Administration. We also work with NSF International to audit our dealers each year and ensure they’re meeting these standards.

Does Culligan Have Spring Water?

Yes, some Culligan Water dealers offer spring water as a bottled water delivery option. Depending on your Culligan Water dealer, other types of water available may include reverse osmosis water (which also may be referred to as demineralized or purified water, which provides a higher-quality alternative to tap water.

Is Culligan Bottled Water Distilled?

Distillation is one method for purifying water. Most Culligan Water dealers choose to purify water through reverse osmosis, which uses pressure to push a solution through a semipermeable membrane. This barrier allows fresher water to pass through and keeps salt and other large molecules behind.

Is Culligan Bottled Water Reverse Osmosis?

Culligan bottled water typically goes through a reverse osmosis process. A reverse osmosis system contains a filter that only allows pure water to pass through. The system’s barrier is virtually impermeable to the naked eye, allowing it to catch small contaminants and molecules. Reverse osmosis can help remove 99% of contaminants commonly found in tap water.

How Much is Culligan Bottled Water?

 The total cost of Culligan bottled water varies depending on the quantity and type of water your home needs, as well as the frequency of your delivery. Schedule a consultation with a Culligan Water Expert today to discuss your home’s individual water needs and pricing.

Does Culligan Deliver Bottled Water Near Me?

 With more than 550 locations across North America, Culligan bottled water delivery is a convenient and affordable alternative to the heavy lifting and frequent grocery store trips of the past. With Culligan Water, enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water delivered right to your doorstep, whenever you need it most. Schedule a consultation with a Culligan Water Expert to see what options are available in your area.

To learn more about the options available to you, visit Culligan’s Water Delivery page and contact your local Culligan Water Expert to get started today.