Water Softeners & Salt Delivery near Orlando, Florida

At Culligan of Orlando, FL, we’ll fix your hard-water issues. Whether you use city water or well water, our water softeners help you enjoy less buildup, softer skin, spot-free dishes and longer-lasting appliances – and our salt delivery service keeps maintenance easy.

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Culligan Water Softener System

Home Water Softeners in Orlando

Our whole home water softeners for homes in Orlando, FL can mend common water problems in the area including high chlorine levels, contaminated or hard water, and water with PFOS/PFAS, otherwise known as forever chemicals. Are you interested in softer clothes, cleaner dishes, less white scaly buildup in your kitchen sink and bathrooms? Our water softeners (try our high efficiency softeners) target issues that directly affect the Orlando area. Check out our reliable, whole home softeners below for holistic water care.

Top Water Softening Products Near Orlando

Anything that uses water in your home gets better with a water softener. Say goodbye to dry hair & skin, scale buildup, and inefficient water-using appliances.

Aquasential® Smart HE Water Softener System

Get more than soft water; get smart water with this high-performing softener.

$50 Per Month

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Aquasential® Smart HE Water Softener System
High Efficiency Water Softener

This advanced water softener maximizes resources and savings.

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High Efficiency Water Softener
Aquasential® Select Series® Water Softeners

Fresh, softened water, custom fit to your home.

$45 Per Month

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Aquasential® Select Series® Water Softeners

Our Services

Salt Delivery

Looking for salt delivery near Orlando? Save the hassle of buying and carrying heavy bags with our friendly service.

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Portable Exchange

Our portable exchange service near Orlando is a great soft water option for brine-restricted areas and seasonal homes.

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Culligan Expert Adding Salt to a Customer’s Water Softener

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