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With California entering its fourth year of one of the most severe droughts in history, taking measures to conserve water continues to be among the state’s top priorities. In January 2015, Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought state of emergency, imposing strict conservation measures across the state. 

One place you may not have thought to look was at your existing home self-regenerating water softening equipment. Depending on the age and quality of your equipment, you could have an old, inefficient system that could be wasting a significant amount of water. 

Regeneration & Water Use 

To soften hard water, resin beads within the softener system filter out hardness from the water. A brine solution is used to clean the resin during a regeneration cleaning cycle, which allows the system to continually remove hardness and provide softened water throughout your home. Some water softening systems run for hours, using as much as 100 gallons of water each time it regenerates. 

Conserve Water 

With a Culligan high-efficiency water softener, you save money and conserve water through smarter technology that’s up to 46% more efficient than other models. The built-in smart meter automatically adjusts to changes in your home’s water conditions and customizes water softness depending on the unique usage and needs of your home. 

To find out how a Culligan high-efficiency water softener can help you do your part to conserve water during California’s drought, contact your local Culligan Man and schedule an appointment.

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