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A Pre-Visit Checklist for Meeting your Culligan Expert

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image of water

A Pre-Visit Checklist for Meeting your Culligan Expert


Maybe you’re just thinking about making an appointment with a Culligan Expert, or maybe you’ve already scheduled a time for your local Culligan Expert to visit your home ­- you might be wondering what you need to know or do to be prepared. Expect your Culligan Expert to have a lot of questions for you, like:

  • What are the biggest problems you have with your water?
  • Have you noticed any strange smells or tastes recently?
  • Does your water look and feel the way you think it should?
  • Do you have limescale buildup or rust stains anywhere?

You’ll also want to think about the kinds of things you’re curious about ahead of time, just to be sure you don’t forget anything when it comes right down to it. Consider talking over these important topics:

  • What’s best for my home ­- whole-house filtration or a point-of-use system?
  • Will the unit produce enough treated water to meet daily household needs?
  • What are the expected maintenance costs for specific units?
  • Is there a maintenance schedule & will I need to monitor it?
  • Any disposal or waste materials (salt, etc.) & who handles that?
  • Expected impact to utility costs?
  • Will I know if something goes wrong?
  • How different can I expect my water to look/taste/feel with a softener?
  • What are my water softener rental options?

It’s also always a good idea to be prepared to talk about your budget since it will help you and your Culligan Expert feel better about getting the right water treatment solution for your needs. Think about this ahead of time, and have the conversation with spouses/significant others so you know your household is on the same page, you know what you’re looking to spend, and how that aligns with everyone’s expectations.

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