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6 Ways Better Water Makes for a Better Year


From cooking, cleaning and drinking to making up more than half of our body weight, water is a part of everything we do. When we want to make changes for the better on New Year’s, why don’t we think about starting from the source? Investing in your water quality can brighten your skin and hair, help make your home cleaner, and improve your family’s wellness – among countless other benefits. Here’s how a water upgrade can help you make your resolutions a reality this year and all New Year’s to come.

1. Prioritize your wellness.

We drink water every day – whether it be through coffee, tea, juice, or just a plain glass of H2O. However, while more than 95 percent of Americans have access to clean drinking water, 75 percent are chronically dehydrated. In addition to short-term symptoms – headache, nausea, fatigue – not drinking enough water can have a serious impact on your long term well-being. A study found that adults who maintain adequate hydration levels are at lower risk for heart disease, lung disease, chronic illnesses and even boast a longer lifespan. The same study reported that drinking enough water throughout your life can even slow down the aging process through encouraging healthy organ function and reducing external signs of aging in skin. Water is also an essential part of our immune systems, transporting white blood cells, blood plasma, and removing waste through urine and sweat. Having fresh. filtered water always easily at hand is a simple step toward the hydration you need.

2. Get fit.

Water can also play a role in our physical fitness. In the gym, proper hydration is essential to maximize your performance, prevent injury and encourage muscle recovery. In fact, a mere 2% loss of your body’s total water volume can result in a 20% decrease in physical performance. It can also aid in weight loss by naturally suppressing your appetite, stimulating your metabolism, and encouraging fat burning. It is also a great substitute for sugary beverages that may add to your daily calorie intake.

3. Focus on mental health.

Drinking water can improve your mental health in addition to your physical health, and it’s correlated to reduced anxiety and depression as well as improved mood and cognitive abilities. The National Institute of Health reports that being just two percent under your adequate hydration level will impair your ability to focus as well as your short-term memory.

4. Keep a cleaner home.

If you’ve ever noticed streaky shower doors and spotty dishes no matter how much you clean them, you’re not alone. If this sounds familiar, you may also notice soap scum or limescale build up around your faucets and other water-using appliances. It’s frustrating to spend countless hours cleaning your home only to see minimal results – not to mention all the money spent on dozens of products that never seem to work. The culprit may not be your cleaner or your sponges but your water itself. Hard water, or water that contains excess amounts of calcium and magnesium, can create this stubborn buildup. Systems called water softeners are designed to trap these minerals, leaving you with cleaner, soft water that will wash your cleaning worries down the drain.

5. Upgrade your look.

Hard water can also have an adverse effect on your hair and skin. Calcium and magnesium can build up on your body the same way it can build up on your appliances. This means hard water can cause duller, lifeless hair and drier, irritated skin. Preventing hard mineral buildup on your body with a water softener will eliminate the cause from the source, leaving you with softer, brighter, happier skin and hair.

6. Save money.

Soft water can help to tighten your purse strings as well. Hard water minerals can impair the effectiveness of your cleaners, shampoos and laundry detergents, meaning you need more to achieve the desired result. When cleaning with soft water, you will notice increased effectiveness of your products, saving you money on products from the cleaning and bathing aisles. This buildup can also negatively impact your dishwasher, laundry machine, and other water-using appliances. Using soft water will also help to increase their lifespan, leaving you with cleaner clothes and dishes without worry of your appliances breaking down.

Saving money, feeling better, getting in shape, prioritizing mental health and keeping a cleaner home are among the most popular New Year’s resolutions every year. If they’re on your list, upgrading your water is an easy way to get a head start. Schedule a free in-home water test to take the first step and learn what water solution is right for you and your home.

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