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  • Bottled Water

    Starting at $9.95 per month,* office bottled water delivery programs from Culligan simplify push-button access to fresh, cleaner drinking water.

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    Bottled Taste, Tap Convenience:

    • Less Work – Your local Culligan Water Expert recommends the right water delivery schedule solution for your break room or office space.
    • Low Maintenance – Your Culligan Water Expert delivers your office bottled water on a schedule that works around your workplace.
    • More Options – Choose from a variety of types of on-demand, filtered water, like spring or reverse osmosis, perfect for tea, coffee, cocoa, soups, and more.

    Culligan Bottled Water Delivery Offers:

    • An affordable office perk for employees.
      Great-tasting water in your office for the entire team.
    • Cold, refreshing drinking water and steaming-hot water for soups, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.
    • Reverse osmosis filtered water — the most advanced water filtration technology.

    Flexible Delivery Service Options:

    • Delivery of bottled water on predefined schedules.
    • Supplemental deliveries for your peak needs.
    • Delivery suspensions for vacations and holidays.
    • Your local Culligan Water Expert can recommend the right solution for you.


    *Prices and types of bottled water may vary upon location. Bottled water delivery not available in all areas. Please contact your local Culligan Water Expert for more information.

    Contact Your Local Culligan Water Expert About Bottled Water Delivery

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