When to Replace Filters on Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Pop quiz. What is the best way to keep your water tasting great all the time – from the minute you install a drinking water system to months or years later? Well, if you were paying attention in class yesterday here on the Culligan blog, NSF talked about water filtration maintenance and how important it is to replace your water filter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you wait long past the manufacturer recommended time frame to replace your water filter, you run the risk of the water filter not functioning as intended, possibly lessening the water quality.

In order to maintain quality water long after you have installed a drinking water system, manufacturers recommend a time frame for replacing water filters. This is usually based on water usage – but that can vary between families and households and keeping up with how much water has passed through your water filter can be a chore that is easily forgotten. To make it easier to remember when to change your water filters, our Culligan engineers have determined time frames on our water filtration products so that you know exactly when to replace them. These recommendations will always come with your Owner’s Guide – so that is a good thing to keep tucked away in your catch-all drawer. Your local Culligan Man also has inside knowledge on your local water conditions, and will work with you to recommend a schedule based upon your water and how much you use.

Culligan product engineers recommend the following for Culligan water filtration products:

Culligan Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water System

This customizable drinking water filter requires regular replacement of all filters (there are 14 to choose from). It is recommended to replace the carbon and particulate filters once a year. The reverse osmosis membrane should be replaced every 3-5 years. Your local Culligan Man can include your home as part of his route and change the water filters on your system upon your request. Contact your Culligan Man today to learn how to get the most from your drinking water systems.

Culligan AC-30 Good Water Machine®

The Culligan AC-30 is a three-filters-in-one water filtration system. It’s recommended that you replace the particle filter, the activated carbon filter, and the polishing filter once a year. You will also want to check on the system’s reverse osmosis filter annually. We recommend letting your Culligan Man take care of replacing the water filters on the Good Water Machine. You can trust his knowledge and experience to keep the system operating properly.

Culligan Preferred Series

This advanced water filtration series uses different sizes of filters to remove bad odor and taste from your water. Replacing these water filters depends on the water filter size and the amount of water you are using:

  • Preferred 150 – every 750 gallons or one year 
  • Preferred 250 – every 1000 gallons or one year 
  • Preferred 350 – every 300 gallons or one year

Of course, if you notice a change in taste or odor in your water before the recommended replacement time in any water filter system, you should go ahead and replace the filter. Varying levels of contaminants and water usage can affect how often you will need to replace your filter. If you notice a significant shorter than expected filter life, check the quality of the water that is coming through your filter. You can have your water tested or request a municipal water quality report to determine if there has been a change in your water that could affect the life of the filter.

Additionally, if there is a water service interruption to your home, or if there is a “boil advisory” issued for your area, contact your local Culligan dealer for advice on what to do with your filtration system. He will be able to provide you direction as to the best steps to ensure great water.

If you have any questions about water filtration, call your local Culligan Man. You can trust that your system will remain operating in prime condition with him.

Culligan Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with your Culligan product for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, Culligan will remove the product and refund the purchase price.

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