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    We know every household is unique. That’s why we offer a range of products to help solve your specific water problems.

    Featured Products

    We want every household to enjoy the benefits of cleaner, softer water for everyday use through Culligan Water’s filtration, softening and dispensing systems. Find the right fit for your home.

    Culligan High Efficiency 1-Inch Water Softener

    This advanced water softener maximizes resources and savings.

    As low as $30 Per Month

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    Aquasential™ Salt-Free Conditioner

    Naturally conditions water, minimizing scaling without the need for backflushing or salt.

    As low as $22 Per Month

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    Aquasential® Smart Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

    Get an unlimited supply of cleaner, safer water, plus smart features like tracking your cost savings and re...

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    Water Softening & Filtration

    Solve your home’s hard water problems with a Culligan Water Softening System. Reduce hardness in water and enjoy softer skin, healthier hair and cleaner dishes – not to mention savings on cleaning supplies.

    Culligan High Efficiency 1-Inch Water Softener

    Our most advanced water softener maximizes resources and savings.

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    High-Efficiency Whole House Well Water Filtration System

    For houses with well water, the most complete water softening and filtration system for the entire home.

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    Portable Water Softener Exchange Service

    Ideal water conditioning for small spaces and seasonal properties like rentals or vacation homes.

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    Drinking Water

    A Culligan Water Filtration System helps reduce contaminants in tap water so your whole family can enjoy better-tasting, cleaner water whenever they need it. Choose from whole house or under-sink filtration systems.

    Aquasential® Tankless RO Drinking Water Filtration System

    Offers on-demand, high-quality filtration with advanced technology and a space-saving design.

    As low as $22 Per Month

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    Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Under Sink Water Filtration System

    13 advanced filter options solve multiple water problems in this advanced under-sink system.

    As low as $14 Per Month

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    Aquasential® Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

    Delivers cleaner, safer water for just pennies a glass using advanced filtration specific to your home’s ...

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    Our professionally trained technicians are standing by to make sure you and your water treatment systems get the reliable, best-in-class service you deserve.

    Privilege Program

    Let us take care of your maintenance & repairs. Including adding salt, changing filters, service, clean...

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    Salt Delivery

    Salt delivery that takes care of itself. Skip the heavy lifting and hassle of buying salt with our award-wi...

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    Well Water Treatment

    No one treats well water better than Culligan. Get a customized solution to make your well water, swell water.

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    Local Offers and Promotions

    High-quality water and one-of-a-kind savings are important to you, so they’re important to us. Check out our exclusive Culligan Water deals and save on our most popular products.

    Culligan Bottled Water Delivery Service for $25.95/month

    Get the best water for your family with Culligan Bottled Water Delivery service for $25.95/month. Limited time offer. Dealer participation may vary....

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    Get a Water Softener AND Drinking Water System for $49/mo

    Rent Or Own Both Of These Great Systems For Only $49/Mo. See dealer for details.

    Limited time offer. Dealer participation may vary.

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    Your Local Water


    Common Water Issues in Kokomo, IN, and the Surrounding Areas

    Indiana's water is supplied from both surface water and groundwater sources. Water is distributed to local homes and businesses by a series of waterways, wells, aquifers, and storage facilities. Due to problems with sewage overflow, toxic discharge from coal and mercury emissions from industrial plants, and old water treatment facilities, Indiana's cities battle with some of the lowest-quality water in the country. Residents may experience such household headaches as hard and poor-quality water, lime or white scale, spotty or cloudy glassware, and foul-tasting water.

    No matter the cause or severity of your water problems, Culligan has a solution. Experienced Culligan experts will get to the root of your water issues, and find a solution that will get you back on track to enjoying every sip, shower, and wash.

    Different areas of Indiana can experience different water problems. Water quality can vary widely, even within the same city. Learn more about the water where you live today

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