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Filter everything but the smiles.

Every Culligan Smile starts with a free home water test

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Why Get a Reverse Osmosis System?


Are you happy with the water in your home? Even if there’s no funky smell or taste, it might contain hidden contaminants that could affect the health of your family and friends.

Fortunately, a free water test and quick consultation with your local Culligan Water expert can help identify any issues and lead to a solution that will bring a smile to your face.

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boy raising a glass of water


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Why accept “good enough” when you can have “great”?

Culligan’s Aquasential® RO Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Consider this: Standard pitcher filters reduce just 5 contaminants. With an advanced, multi-stage filtration process, Culligan’s reverse osmosis (RO) systems are certified to reduce as many as 60 contaminants, including lead, mercury and more. That means cleaner, safer, better-tasting water, right from your kitchen sink. And with our Smart RO system, you can even track what contaminants are being reduced in your water and how much you’re drinking.

Every Culligan Smile starts with A free home water test

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You’re not the only one who benefits.

Everyone wants to do their part to create a more sustainable planet, and reducing your use of single-use plastic water bottles is one way you can have an impact. In fact, 15 billion fewer plastic bottles are used each year thanks to Culligan filtration products. And that's hydration you can feel good about.


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