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Updates of the Flint, Michigan Crisis

Recently, we published a summary of events related to the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis, offering resources for those affected by the situation and ways those not affected could help. We remain dedicated to helping the people of Flint as we continue to monitor the water crisis and provide an updated account of events.

State Officials Held Accountable

In this case of extreme environmental injustice, Michigan state officials are being held accountable due to their lack of preparation, delay in action, and overall inaction to prevent the health crisis in Flint after lead contamination was discovered in the drinking water.

In an effort to save money, Flint switched its water supply from Detroit’s system to the Flint River in 2014. The corrosive river water leached toxic levels of lead from the city’s water pipes after its failure to use corrosion-control chemicals in Flint’s water system, which would have prevented lead leaching, followed by resistance to take action after the lead poisoning was discovered.

Goals to Strengthen Flint

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently announced goals to strengthen Flint for the coming years. The plan involves a series of short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals to improve health services, rebuild old water infrastructure, and support education and economic development – with many of the short-term goals already in progress.

Clean Water Resources

You can still visit the Flint Water Information Center to find clean water resources for drinking and showering, as well as water testing kits, filtration supplies, and other resources for dealing with water contamination. Although a home water filter can offer some protection, we recommend contacting your local Culligan Man to have a sample of your water lab-tested.