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Flint, MI Water Crisis Update

Ongoing Monitoring Continues

With Flint’s distribution system returned to its original water source, and a corrosion control plan now in place, water quality is improving at a slow and steady pace. Residents are advised to continue using bottled water or a filter certified to remove lead when using water for drinking or cooking.

In January, the state of Michigan began distributing free water filters to Flint-area residents. The EPA confirmed those filters effectively remove lead or reduce it to levels well below the level mandated by federal officials.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver has said some homes in the area cannot be fitted with water filters and must still rely on bottled water.

Although recent testing of Flint drinking water indicates that the water quality is improving, low water usage is increasing stagnation, or age of water drawn from the tap, making the recovery slower than originally anticipated. To help speed recovery, a program supported by the state of Michigan and EPA is offering free water to residents to flush out their pipes, which will replenish with cleaner water.

Clean Water Resources

Visit the Flint Water Information Center to find clean water resources for drinking and showering, as well as water testing kits, filtration supplies, and other resources for dealing with water contamination. Although a home water filter can offer some protection, we recommend contacting your local Culligan Man to have a sample of your water tested at our certified lab.