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Culligan featured on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland®

Culligan President and CEO Scott Clawson was recently featured on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to discuss drinking water and water treatment solutions.

Most people are probably unaware of what exactly is in their water. In this segment of Modern Living, Scott C. offers some clarity about what could be in your tap water.

When Culligan was founded 80 years ago, most people received water from wells. Hard water, residue, clogged pipes, and other water problems were common, but founder Emmett J. Culligan discovered a way to soften water in the home.

The water problems of 80 years ago are the same water problems we see today, and with over 600 Dealers lead by Culligan men and women across the nation, we work to offer the right solution for the unique water needs of your home.

Watch the full video to find out more, then contact your local Culligan Man to have your water tested and to get your custom water treatment solution, today.