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    Common Water Issues in Orlando

    Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

    Orlando’s water is pumped in from the freshwater Floridan Aquifer that sits beneath Orange County. The groundwater in the aquifer is mostly rainwater that filters naturally through sand and rock. While Orlando has high-quality groundwater, it must be treated with chlorine, which can affect the taste, and hydrogen sulfide must be removed before it’s suitable for drinking.

    Bad Taste

    • Chlorination — Normal drinking water is treated with chlorine for disinfection purposes. While the water is clean and safe to drink, it may have a bad smell or taste from chlorination.
    • Mineralization — Water pumped from wells can have high levels of manganese. This naturally occurring element can have a negative effect on your water, .giving it a funny taste or smell.

    Colored Water

    Whether lime buildup is leaving you frustrated or you're fed up by bad-tasting water, a Culligan filtration solution can help.

    Lime Buildup or White Scale

    Limescale is a hard, off-white buildup that forms on many household items due to the dissolved minerals in hard water. Limescale can cause:
    • Sediment and scum on bathroom and kitchen appliances
    • White scale rings around bathtubs
    • Clogged faucets and showerheads
    • Buildup in heating and cooling units
    • Chalky deposits found on kettles, pots, and pans