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  • Common Water Issues in Fishers

    Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

    The main water supply for Fishers, Indiana comes from two local wells. On a daily basis, the water from these wells supplies over 4 million gallons to 80,000 residents. Water is sourced from these wells, and then travels to water treatment facilities for processing before being dispersed to local homes and business.

    Hard, Poor-Quality Water

    Dissolved iron and other hard minerals are absorbed during the filtration and treatment process, as well as along water's journey from source to tap. These absorbed minerals and metals cause the water to become hard and its quality depleted. Some household headaches associated with using hard water include:

    • Clogged appliances that lead to water-flow issues
    • Hard-to-clean residue and buildup on appliances, hardware, and surfaces
    • Soap scum on showers, bathtubs, and sinks
    • Prematurely aged clothing and linens that are rough to the touch

    Spotty, Cloudy Glassware

    Spotty and cloudy residue on glassware can be tough to get rid of with high mineral concentrations in your water. Doing the dishes with hard water can result in:
    • White spots on glasses and silverware
    • Easy-to-spot fingerprints on freshly cleaned glasses
    • Cloudy, streaky residue

    Stains or Discolored Water

    As water travels, it picks up deposits from minerals, like iron, which can tint water a reddish-brown. Old pipes and plumbing systems can also turn water a different shade. Some headaches associated with using discolored water throughout the house include:

    • Laundry that comes out of the wash looking soiled
    • Murky drinking water
    • A dark tint to bath and shower water
    • Dark streaks on windows and glass

    No matter what the cause of your water problems, Culligan has a filtration solution designed to solve the specific issues you're experiencing. The best way to get to the bottom of your water issues, and discover how to resolve them, is to get a free Culligan water test today.