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Common Water Issues in Ann Arbor

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

Ann Arbor's water supply comes from both groundwater and surface water sources. The largest source comes from the Huron River, which provides up to 85% of Ann Arbor's municipal water. The remaining 15% comes from multiple wells located just south of the city. This water is pumped and then travels to one of two treatment plants, where it is filtered and disinfected before being distributed to local homes and business.

Hard, Poor-Quality Water

While Ann Arbor is surrounded by natural freshwater sources, the journey water endures from source to tap is long, allowing for the absorption of minerals along the way. These mineral deposits cause hard water, which is often responsible for:

  • Stiff, scratchy, prematurely faded laundry
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Clogged pipes
  • Underperforming appliances

Stains or Colored Water

As water travels, it picks up deposits from minerals or metals, such as iron, which can tint water a reddish-brown. Using discolored water throughout the house can lead to:

  • Stained laundry
  • Dark streaks on windows and glass
  • Stains around sinks and tubs

General Bad Taste

There is nothing satisfying about a tall glass of water that has an unpleasant taste or smell. The minerals or chemicals found in hard water are often the culprit behind bad-tasting water, and can even affect the flavor of your morning cup of coffee or tea.

Whatever the cause of your water issues, Culligan has a filtration solution that will work to eliminate your water problems immediately. The best way to find out what is causing your water issues is to get a free Culligan water test.

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

The best way to make cloudy, spotted glassware sparkle is to use a vinegar cleaning solution.

Did You Know

The Water Treatment Plant in Ann Arbor performs more than 150,000 tests on the city's water each year.


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