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Common Water Issues in Worcester

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

The city of Worcester sources its drinking water from 10 nearby reservoirs, which are located in five neighboring towns. The town's water distribution process is complex, and includes over 592 miles of water mains and nearly 40,000 service connections. The water travels to a treatment plant where it is treated, disinfected, and then distributed to the more than 180,000 residents in Worcester.

Poor-Quality, Hard Water

As Worcester's water makes the journey from source to faucet, it absorbs dissolved minerals along the way, resulting in the water becoming hard. While perfectly safe to drink, using hard water around the house can result in:

  • Chalky deposits found on kettles, pots, and pans
  • Invisible soapy film left on skin after showering
  • Underperforming appliances due to buildup
  • Stiff and scratchy laundry

Stains or Discolored Water

As water travels, it picks up and absorbs minerals, metals, or chemicals that can cause water to become discolored. Old, rusty plumbing can also turn water a reddish-brown hue. Using water that shows signs of discoloration can lead to:

  • Stained laundry and linens
  • Bath and shower water that appears dirty
  • Dark streaks on windows and glass


The water that flows out of Worcester's taps has traveled long distances from its source, absorbing heavy metals like copper and lead along the way. Drinking water that contains metallic elements can be hazardous to your health.

No matter what is causing your water issues, Culligan has a filtration solution that will get you back to enjoying cleaner, fresher water. Culligan's free water test will help you discover what your water problems are, and how to solve them.

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

During cold winter months, open cupboard doors under kitchen and bathroom sinks to let the air in your living space warm pipes and prevent them from bursting.

Did You Know

Over 150 miles of sewage system in the Worcester area was constructed before 1900.


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