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Common Water Issues in Pittsfield

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

The water supply for the city of Pittsfield is sourced from six surface reservoirs. The water is pumped from the reservoirs and travels via a complex system of pipes and water mains to one of two filtration plants. Along the way, the water is exposed to contaminants like pesticides, runoff from neighboring farmlands and towns, and toxins from nearby industrial facilities. Once at the filtration centers, the water is thoroughly treated using aluminum sulfate to remove matter, while adding chemicals like chlorine to disinfect. Once the water is processed, it is distributed throughout the city to Pittsfield residents and business owners.

Itchy, Dry Skin

Due to metals and minerals present in Pittsfield's water, residents often experience dry, itchy, flaky skin. Showering or bathing with hard, mineral-rich water can lead to:

  • Itchy scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Dry, irritated, itchy skin
  • Premature aging

Stains or Colored Water

As water travels, it picks up deposits from minerals like iron, which can tint water a reddish-brown color. Cleaning house with discolored water can result in:

  • Stained, soiled-looking laundry
  • Stains around bathtubs and sinks
  • Dark streaks on windows and glass


Pittsfield's municipal water undergoes a complex journey from source to tap that can result in the water absorbing heavy metals, such as copper and lead, along the way. While metals in water can cause a variety of household problems, consuming water with heavy metals can be a health hazard.

No matter the cause or severity of your water issues, your Pittsfield Culligan Water Expert has a filtration solution. Culligan's free water test will help you get to the root of your water problems, and get you back on track to enjoying clean, clear water.

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

Save water by cleaning driveways and sidewalks with a broom rather than a hose.

Did You Know

Pittsfield fluoridates its water to help residents combat cavities.


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